Holidays on a budget

Last weekend I went on a really lovely break with my friends for only £27! It was super fun, relaxing and the accommodation was just perfect for what we required. We stayed in a Haven caravan park in Doniford Bay, Somerset, for 2 nights, 3 days courtesy of Sun Holidays. I am sure most of you have seen the adverts or have maybe collected the tokens, but the premise of the deal is that you collect 10 vouchers from the Sun newspaper and can then book a holiday in either this country or further afield for a reduced price. It is brilliant value for money and if like us you’re on a budget, it is a great way to get away without blowing the bank balance! 


Now I am not going to take you through a play by play of my weekend but here are a few key highlights, which really topped it of! We arrived Friday afternoon, familiarised ourselves with the park and then almost immediately ordered a takeaway- a reward for the long journey (does 3 hours count?!). We spent the evening playing Dobble (a game I highly recommend) laughing, chatting and generally just enjoying our surroundings. Saturday, the day I had been waiting for since we last went away, was the day we went to the ARCADE! I love arcades they remind me of all the wonderful holidays I had as a child and I can easily while away a few hours on a 2p machine- hey it’s the simple things in life! Finally, I cannot not tell you about the Jersey Boys tribute act, we had a really fun evening dancing to old tunes and not caring about who saw us! All in all a fabulous holiday.


I really recommend a Sun holiday, affordable, fun and relaxing… just what was required!

L x



Living life with less… plastic

We’re kicking off the first of our ‘living life with less’ posts with a focus on how we can cut down on plastic. There’s been a lot of coverage of this already in the media and, along with so many other viewers, I was shocked by the Blue Planet 2 episode showing the wildlife in our oceans drowning and dying in our plastic waste.

But it’s not just the environmental impact that worries me. There are also health concerns too. Some studies have shown that small amounts of chemicals from plastic containers can end up in our food and drink. For someone who is conscious about the food they put into their body (not quite enough to stop me inhaling a cappuccino and brownie at lunch time, I admit!) and the products they use on their skin, the idea of ingesting chemicals from the packaging of my food and drink, even if the levels are very low, is not ideal.

So what can we do? On a practical level it is very difficult, if not impossible, to completely rid our homes of plastic. But each great change in life starts with a small step. There are a couple of ways I will be looking to reduce the amount of plastic I bring into our home, and as a result the amount we dispose of too.

Water Bottles

Call me naive but I only recently discovered that plastic can only be recycled a finite number of times before it is no longer recyclable. This was actually one of the biggest reasons for me trying to reduce our plastic consumption. One of the key culprits for plastic in our house is plastic water bottles, so I decided to make this my first step.

Scott loves sparkling water so I switched to buying fizzy water in glass bottles and taking my own re-usable bottle out with me to work and when on the go. I love my Sweaty Betty neon stainless steel water bottle, but after finding half a moldy lime festering away in there recently (oh the shame), perhaps it is time to upgrade… Call me superficial but I love these pretty glass water bottles from BKR. Not cheap at £25, but significantly cheaper than buying a plastic bottle of water every day.

Coffee Cups

Scott loves the Bodum Travel Mug I got him for Christmas and has started making his own coffee to take to work with him in a morning. The stainless steel design keeps his coffee hotter for longer and he is saving money on his usual morning Americano. Even one of our local cafes is now offering a discount if you bring your own reusable mug – yet another way to save pennies and waste too.

Milk Bottles

A colleague of mine who is also concerned about plastic waste has started getting a regular milk delivery at home. Not only does it come in glass bottles, much nicer and more environmentally friendly, but it means she avoids that late night sinking feeling when she realises she has no milk for breakfast or, more importantly, her coffee in the morning!

Veg Boxes

Last year I started ordering a weekly veg box delivery, rather than filling my trolley with individually plastic wrapped vegetables at the supermarket. I got out of the habit of ordering as we got busy with the house move and baby prep but I want to start this up again. Not only did it feel like a treat to come home to a box filled with organic, colourful vegetables – there was also very little plastic in sight. I was using Abel & Cole, but friends and family have recommended Boxxfresh (who are local to us in Hampshire) and Riverford Organic too.

Are you trying to cut down on plastic too? Share your tips in the comments below or on Instagram. We always love to hear from you! Kx

February Book Club

This February we’re reviewing our favourite self-improvement books. Neither of us believe in making lots of resolutions or in promises to ‘totally change your life‘ but we do think the start of the year can be a useful time for reflection and to focus on one thing you would like to change for the better over the months to come. For one of us that is calming down our over-active mind and for the other it is learning to give less of a f***!

This week Katy will be reviewing the book that helped her and stay tuned for Lauren’s recommendation later in the month. We’ll also be sharing our tips for relaxing and de-stressing over the coming weeks. So take a little time out for yourself, put your feet up and enjoy…


The book I have chosen to share this week is Mindfulness, a practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world by Mark Williams and Danny Penman. I suffer from anxiety and my GP recommended this book to me last year. I can be quite cynical about the average self-help book, but this one appealed to me because there is actually a ton of scientific research to support the use of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy in the treatment of anxiety and depression, as well as reducing stress.

The book takes you through an 8 week course teaching you simple practices to incorporate into your daily life and includes a CD with a different meditation for every week. If like me you have a tendency to always think ten steps ahead and usually assume the worst, this book is great at bringing you back into the present moment (and away from whatever future disaster you were busily imagining) and puts you back in touch with your body and breath. It also teaches you to live more consciously day-to-day and to be a little kinder to yourself too (something we could all do with).

Mindfulness has been one of the most effective ways I have personally found to manage my anxiety, but I’d also really recommend this book to anyone who just feels a bit frazzled and wants to slow down and get more enjoyment out of life.

Wishing you a happy and peaceful Sunday. Kx



Winter Skin Saviours

There is nothing like the relaxing aromas and general feeling of calm that comes from having a facial, but then there is also nothing like the hefty price tag at the end! Katy and I have started to look at home-spa treatments that cost MUCH less, allow you to relax in your own surroundings and give you that inner and outer glow!


For my birthday I was gifted by What Natalie Did Next, the Soap and Glory Pore-refining Mask. At £4 from Boots this mask is a bargain and left my skin feeling refreshed.

Including antiseptic tea tree, lemon balm and calming lavender the mask promises to be ‘a refreshing treat for oily/combination skin’. As an easy-to-apply sheet mask you won’t have the mess of a cream/ clay facial (I always seem to end up with this in my hair!) but you do need to lie back and enjoy otherwise it tends to slide down your face. The cooling sensation is quite strong but did not cause any aggravation, yet I would encourage you to wear a warm jumper or blanket whilst you relax.

The results were instantaneous though and my pores looked amazing! The next day I was even complimented on my skin, which was a bonus. I really liked this mask and have since bought another, I am also going to  try their de-clog and radiance boosting masks, which I have high hopes for!


I tried Rosy Cheeks fresh face mask from ethical beauty brand, Lush, costing £7.50. Lush say, ‘cleansing calamine and kaolin will gently remove dirt while exquisite rose oil nourishes and tones your face’. Sounds delightful but does it deliver?

First up the look and feel. The mask is a pretty pink and has a fresh, gentle scent. Lush recommend to keep the mask in the fridge so it felt lovely and cool when I applied it to my skin. Following the instructions I went off to lie down and relax for fifteen minutes to let the mask do its work which to be honest felt like a treat in itself after a hectic week!

And the results? The mask promises to deliver calm, matte skin which in fairness it did. My skin is super sensitive but this product didn’t cause any irritation at all. In fact, it left my skin feeling cleansed and soft. My only criticism is that when the mask set it felt quite tight on my skin which personally I don’t enjoy, and there was some tightness along my cheekbones afterwards. However, I do have dry skin so this a common issue for me and an application of moisturiser soon sorted things out.

Would I use the mask again? I’m not sure it noticeably improved my skin, but in fairness I think I’d need to use it more regularly to see if it makes a difference longer term. In all honesty it just felt good to take some time out and do something nice for myself, so on that basis alone I’d recommend treating yourself to a face mask this weekend and putting your feet up!

Tip: Ready for a bit more relaxation? We love this great post from The Everygirl with simple ways to create your own spa at home on a budget.

Any tips for some home-spa treatments? We’d love to hear your recommendations too…

Katy and Lauren x



Pick of the Sales

Following fashion and living on a lemonade budget don’t always go hand in hand. The January sales can be the perfect opportunity to build up your basics or invest in a few statement pieces that you wouldn’t normally be able to justify splurging on. If like us you are pushed for time and don’t have hours on end to spend shopping around for the best bargains, we’ve taken the hard work out of shopping for you and put together our pick of the sales below.


Writing for this blog means that I really should be better at sale shopping. But the honest truth is that, whisper, I usually can’t stand it. Too chaotic, too messy and too stressful (my inherent laziness also being a problem). However, now I’m in my second trimester and dressing a growing bump, the January sales seem the perfect time to invest in some maternity clothes. After all, I don’t see the point in spending a small fortune on clothes I will only get to wear for a short time. All of my choices are available on Asos – after shopping around a bit, I found they had the best selection of affordable maternity clothes from a range of different brands:

Charley M By Cake Lingerie, Rebel Sports Bra – £12 (reduced from £27)
Now I have started working out again, I definitely need a comfy maternity sports bra. I like the print on this one.

Asos Maternity T-shirt Dress with Lace Inserts  – £12.50 (reduced from £28)
Who said maternity wear can’t be pretty? An easy breezy summer dress – I’m looking forward to wearing this when the weather finally warms up.

Asos Maternity T-shirt with Woven Stripe Frill Hem – £7.00 (reduced from £16)
A simple little top with a cute stripe detail. I plan to buy a couple of basic t-shirts to layer with shirts and cardigans this spring/summer.

Tip: The most budget friendly way to stay stylish in pregnancy is to adapt as much of your existing wardrobe as possible. So firstly, wear anything with a bit of stretch for as long as you are comfortable. Shirts, jackets and cardigans can be worn open over t-shirts and vest tops. I also have a wrap dress which I plan to wear with leggings and a camisole once the weather warms up. Buy what you need as your body changes, rather than splurging on lots of clothes at the beginning that you might not even end up wearing.


Whilst writing this blog in my spare time with Katy, I am also crazy busy with conference planning at work, which evokes the dreaded fear of what to wear, especially as this year they are adding in a formal evening with a black tie dress code. Now, I haven’t had to wear black tie since I went to my school prom, so I don’t really have anything suitable to wear, here is where sales shopping is great. I can grab a bargain, take the stress out of conference and treat myself to something new! Here are my top picks for formal wear from the sales, perfect for upcoming holiday’s with more formal evenings or like me something to wear for work:

ASOS Jumpsuit with Cow Neck in Black– £16 (reduced from £40)
I have wanted a jumpsuit for a while now and I think conference is the perfect opportunity. I love the cow neck design and of course you can never go wrong in black! This will also look great on holiday with a lovely summer glow!

Every new outfit deserves fabulous shoes…

Faith Silver ‘Diva’ high block heel ankle strap sandals– £17.70 (reduced from £59)
I LOVE THESE SHOES! They look like a disco ball and will look super cool with the plain yet stylish black jump suit! And… the best bit they are still available in my size… hopefully yours too!

And to finish my finds… jewellery. Accessorize have a fantastic sale with up to 70% off!

Luna Statement Earrings– £4.50 (reduced from £15)
Bold earrings are perfect for dressing-up any outfit, adding that glam touch to your look. These are great because they will work with whatever colour outfit you choose to wear.

Happy shopping!

K&L xx


Happy, healthy you


As the cliché goes ‘new year, new you’ the new year is the perfect time to kick-start your healthy eating plans and we find it easiest to meal plan. For us it makes shopping much easier, ensures you stick to a budget and helps to build and regularly use store cupboard essentials.

The last few weeks have been an over-indulgent feast of Christmas delights and we are most definitely feeling the festive bloat. We will be starting the new year by dusting off our favourite cook books to plan healthy lunches and dinners. The best way to shop is to make a meal plan – think about the meals you want to batch-make for lunches and the quick evening meals you want to cook, and this will help shape your food shopping.

When it comes to meal planning, our motto is quick, easy, delicious.


The more complicated you make your meal plan, the less likely you are to stick to it. We like to have a few cheats up our sleeves to make meal time simple. Frozen pre-chopped onions, garlic and ginger form a simple base to so many recipes.

Tip: Hate food waste? Chop up any leftover fruit before it expires, freeze it and blend with yogurt and honey or maple syrup for sweetness. Quick and delicious! Try this yummy recipe from BBC Good Food.


The last thing you want to do after a hard day at work is spend hours cooking when you get home. Cook more than you need when you have time and freeze portions in clearly labelled containers with dates so you know when it expires (see our pick of the offers below). That way you always have something nutritious in the freezer and it will help you to avoid tempting, but expensive takeaways.

Tip: We always like to have eggs as a staple in the kitchen for those days when the cupboards are bare or we just don’t feel like cooking. Omelettes are so quick and versatile, and a great way of using up leftovers. Try this herby ham and cheese omelette recipe from Tesco.


We believe that food should be a pleasure and not a punishment. Don’t force yourself to eat avocado if you really can’t stand it just because everyone on Instagram is raving about it! Find a good cook book with simple, affordable ingredients and recipes that you actually enjoy eating, we like ‘Good Mood Food’ by Rachel Kelly and ‘Cook, Eat, Love’ by Fern Cotton. As Katy’s Grandad used to say, everything in moderation so allow yourself a weekly treat day or two where you indulge in a little of what brings you joy, whether that’s a slice of cake or a glass of wine.

Top offers on this week:

£20 off your first Ocado shop, minimum spend £80- perfect for buying all your store cupboard essentials for the month ahead. The first shop is always the most but once you have your staples the food shopping bill will be reduced the following weeks.

Set of 3 Klip lock storage set for £4 from Sainbury’s, ideal for batch-cooking and storing and making packed lunches to save having to buy pre-packed foods.

Tesco’s have £1 brand shop, great for purchasing fruit teas and cleaning products.

Keep in touch,

K and L