L: Hi there friend

K: Let us introduce you to our conversation,

L: our thoughts shared together,

K: a place where we dream big,

L: beyond our 9-5!

K: relinquish our woes and share our advice on life. The Lemonade Budget is all about finding simple, clever, thrifty ways to make our dreams and hopefully yours a reality. Our blog is inspired by our friendship and the advice and support we give one another.

L: We’re by no means experts and we don’t take each other too seriously, but we hope you enjoy reading our conversations and are inspired to follow some of your own dreams. Happy reading!

 About Us

Our names are Lauren and Katy and this is our little escape to share the people, places and ideas that inspire us. We both work in creative jobs but haven’t quite found our niche yet. We both love fashion and interior style but on our own terms. We want to pick and choose the trends that inspire us and bring joy to our day and homes and not be dictated to. We like to eat well and take care of our bodies, but we still want to be able to eat cake and live a little! All things in moderation. We both love travelling but have settled down for the moment in the south of England with our wonderful (and very patient!) men. Most importantly, we’re good friends and this blog was inspired by the advice and support that we give one another. We want to share with you our conversations and we would love for you to join us.

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