New Year, New You…




L: We are sure you have heard friends say it and seen it all over your social feed – the ‘new year, new me’ mantra. It seems like a bit of a cliché. How can a diet change you so completely? But maybe I am looking at it from the wrong perspective.

I don’t believe that changing my diet and exercising more regularly will change my whole persona, but I do believe it will help me beat the bloat from over-indulging at Christmas. I will be able to regulate my diet (and weight!) back to how it would have been pre-Christmas and it will (hopefully!) stop me from sneaking quality street’s into my lunch bag!

If like us you live your life on a budget and can’t afford the latest craze, then we both have some top tips for getting fit and eating well for less!

Sweaty Betty- Join the 31 day challenge with Sweaty Betty. Download their free fitness calendar, check out their fitness blog full of top tips and watch and get involved with their free tutorials and exercise classes. Being able to keep track of what you are doing and achieving is a great way to motivate yourself. The classes are fun, you can do them in the comfort of your own home and you might end up trying something you might not always get to try at your local gym! 31 days to fit!



Image from Sweaty Betty


Waitrose recipe cards – a firm favourite of mine. Visit your local Waitrose and pick-up free recipe cards. They’re inspiring, always delicious and great way to start cooking from scratch!

Water – Drinks lots of water. It’s free and will help you to feel less tired, more hydrated and your skin will thank you for it.

Homemade by you – Started life as a separate website and can now be found in the recipe section of Sainburys website. It has meal plans and delicious recipes that are simple to make. Create your own meal plans or just save your favourite recipes to the site – its an easy way to keep track of what your eating! Sainsburys

K – Sleep – Crucial for our mental and physical health, this is the foundation on which all those other resolutions are built. Not convinced? Check out Ariana Huffington’s TED talk on the importance of sleep for success – TED Talk.


As someone who has suffered from insomnia on and off since I was a teenager, I know there is no magic remedy for a good night’s sleep. However, I (Katy) have some basic rules which I follow to give myself the best chance of a restful night:

Set the scene during the day by eating wholesome food, taking regular exercise (see Lauren’s great tips!), getting some fresh air (preferably in nature or a park) and cutting caffeine after 2pm. At night time, try to stick to a regular routine and allow at least 30 minutes to an hour to wind down before bed by switching off your TV/laptop/phone and doing something relaxing.

Time – Last year in our book club we talked about ‘Do Less, Get More’ by Sháá Wasmund. The idea is simple. You can’t possibly do everything (shocking, I know) so the secret is ruthless prioritisation of people, tasks and commitments.

Figure out what your main priorities are for the new year (getting fit / writing a novel / spending more time with your family) and then factor these into your schedule in a way that is realistic and achievable. This may mean (cue sharp intake of breath) that you have to drop something else, but trying to do everything and burning out is not the secret to succeeding at your resolutions.  Book Club August.


Our August Book Club Recommended Read.

Our August Book Club Recommended Read.

Meditation – I have dabbled with mindfulness and meditation in the past but not been very good at sticking to it. However, many experts and celebrities alike agree that it is an effective way to reduce stress and help you cope better with difficulties in your life. So, it is one of my personal resolutions to factor in at least 10 minutes of meditation per day. If like me you have a constant mental chatter that sounds like an overexcited (and oddly self-critical) five year old then this could be for you too!

Apps like Bhuddify and Headspace are a great introduction to meditation and help you factor it into your day even when you are out and about.

This is even something you can do with all the family. Check out Goldie Hawn on the Today show for some meditation inspiration – Goldie Hawn.

We’d love to hear about your resolutions for the new year too and how you plan to stick to them. Share them below or on our Facebook and Instagram for the extra motivation to stick to that goal and for moral support from our lovely community.


Lauren & Katy x


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