Book Club- Our Favourites…

For this month’s book club, we thought we’d do something a little different and share our favourite ever books with you in the hope of inspiring our lovely followers to try reading something new. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!



My favourite book of all time has to be Jane Austen’s, Emma. Now I am just as much of a fan of Elizabeth Bennett and Mr Darcy as the next girl, but Emma is the book for me that really sparked my imagination as a writer. The plot actually inspired one of my favourite films too – Clueless with Alicia Silverstone!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the story, Emma is the spoilt only-daughter of a wealthy and extremely overprotective father. Used to getting her own way, she has written off most of the men in her social circle but this still doesn’t stop her trying to match make her friends. Now this is of course pre-Tinder, so there is a lot of coy eyelash fluttering across the room and blatantly staged encounters (think Made in Chelsea but with more tea and corsets).

What’s so great about the book is how obvious it is to the reader that Emma is terrible at matchmaking and doesn’t know half as much as she thinks she does. There are literally times when you want to reach into the book and shake her because it is so blatantly obvious that she’s got it wrong. But this is what I like about the story.

Emma is the book that taught me that the hero of a book doesn’t have to be perfect, or even that likeable, to still make us care about them and want to root for them. Emma is spoilt, arrogant and entitled, but she is also fiercely independent, caring and generous. In other words, she’s human! And in today’s world where there is so much pressure on us to be perfect all of the time (perfect looks, perfect job, perfect friend), it’s so refreshing to read a book that celebrates being perfectly imperfect and that’s a lesson we could all do with sometimes.



When Katy asked me to write about my favourite book I really couldn’t choose and I have been dragging my heels, taking my time to write this. From Harry Potter to Sense and Sensibility, A Discovery of Witches or anything Nicholas Sparks, every book reminds me of moment in my life, the memory of when and where it was when I read it. So choosing for me wasn’t just about the book it was about the memories it evoked. Unfortunately my favourite book isn’t a British classic but it is a book and a film I could read/watch over and over again! Drum roll please… Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.. Your probably thinking that’s a teen novel, well you’d be right but it is easy to read and reminds my of a very lovely manager I once had. (And I should note I was only 15 when the first book came out!)


Twilight is a romance set through the eyes of Isabella Swan a young human girl who falls in love with a dashingly handsome vampire (played in the film beautifully by Robert Pattinson) called Edward Cullen. As the story unfolds we see how difficult it is for their relationship to grow with outside influences having almost deadly consequences. Not too dissimilar to real life really, apart from the nearly dead part, no relationship is perfect, however there’s is heighten by his hunger for blood in particular hers. Now obviously a good teen novel always ends well and this does not disappoint! I love a happy ending and after 4 books they finally get theirs! I love this book and although you could say there are similarities to real life if you looked hard enough, DON’T! Enjoy it for what it is and allow it to transport you to a fantasy world!

This book reminds me of the long conversations and laughter shared on a late shift with a lovely lady named Jackie. We could talk about Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn for hours. One birthday she even bought me the Breaking Dawn Annual and I still have it now! Re-reading these books reminds me of the good times I had!

What is your favourite book, we loved to know and it would be great to have something new to read!?









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