A tale as old as … TIME (And what to do when you don’t have enough of it)

Time- we would all like more…alas there never seems enough of it- “Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat” or should I say Eat, Work, Sleep, Repeat. Well thats how my life feels right now, I constantly feel rushed for time, driving in the fast line with no break in sight.

Currently, Lewis and I are juggling working full time with decorating our house, seeing friends and family and making the odd visit to the gym (or maybe no visits to the gym!), as well trying to progress within our careers, so we can afford to furnish the house we have lovingly spent so much of our precious time on. But something has to give right, what I need to do is figure out what my priorities are but what I would really like is Hermione’s Time Turner necklace, so I can be in two places at once, but sadly magic doesn’t exist!

So, what do we do? I would love to drag my heels and throw a tantrum like a three year old but I can’t because I am now an adult! BUT I DON’T REMEMBER BEING TAUGHT ALL OF THIS… why don’t they teach us properly in school how to manage time, a specific course on how to do this effectively. I mean I loved art and textiles as much as the next person but have I painted a picture or made a green man since.. NO! And I am sure many of you will say this is built into our coursework and homework but as an adult this feels so much more stressful and of course this is likely because money is involved. And for the most part I can budget and I am sure Lewis would agree, much to his annoyance, I budget well but you cannot always be prepared for what will happen. I needed someone at a younger age to teach me how to manage paying bills, having a full time job, having a home to run and meet the expectations of the people I love.

Luckily, I do have the love and support of my friends and family who have been a massive help and have guided me to be able to manage my priorities. So rant aside, these are the top tips they have given me to ensure I achieve my goals:

  • Break it down into bite-size chunks that are easy to achieve.
  • Make a list of all things you want to accomplish in a week but don’t hold it gospel, if you don’t get all done don’t worry, use it as an aid to keep you on track. You can work on it over the following weeks.
  • Prioritise your tasks, figure out what is your most important goal, keep it to one or two so that it achievable for example, this weekend my goal was to finish the porch which we did and I feel so much better for doing so.
  • Have a break. Use your weekends for the more than just completing your to-do list make sure you take a break and take some time out for yourself, it is important to relax… something I need to remember.
  • Reward yourself, whether that is having a bath, buying yourself a sneaky treat or just having some down time with your friends, make sure you treat yourself to something fabulous once you have reached your goal!

Do you have any tips you could share with me on to manage my time effectively?

Lauren xxx



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